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Maurice Sendak


It’s terrible that it’s taken the death of Maurice Sendak to make me post again. I do have a lot to post about, but it’s been a tough year in some ways: illness and the work of day to day living make it easy to forget to do the things we love. I’ll try to […]

We first met Max in Where the Wild Things Are. Maurice Sendak’s picture book, In The Night Kitchen shows us a different Max . . . a little older, and dealing with different issues now . . . but Sendak still has a way of putting his finger right on the pulse of the young […]

When we last saw Max and the wild things Max had been reborn from K.W.’s mouth, and though we’ve skipped around and picked out only the Max/Carol/K.W. story line it’s been enough to see clearly who Carol and K. W. represent in Max’s fantasy, and to get a feel for the ambiguous characters Bob and […]

I’m just going to continue the focus from the last month or so on who are the monsters and what do they represent, and Carol and K.W. are a really rich vein to tap. Before I get to them I just want to mention one thing to watch for in the movie: The landscape as […]

It isn’t surprising to me that a full length movie taken from a children’s picture book is longer and has some plot changes, but I’ve seen Jumanji and I am surprised that Where the Wild Things Are, the movie, is both surprisingly true to the book and is, if anything, a richer work. There are […]

One of the joys of reading books is just letting your mind float as you read and just wander from association to association. As often as not, maybe more often than not, you find yourself resonating on some level with a theme that others find important, too. Lucy Rollin wrote a wonderful essay called Childhood […]