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What have we established? Kids love stories, and some stories seem to be timeless. They occur across cultures and over thousands of years. Children’s picture books are loved through generations and these books and fairy tales seem to accrue power through repetition.  (OK we didn’t actually establish the repetition thing, but anyone who’s had the […]

I know, most of what I write is about why kids love the stories they do, but I haven’t gone off on a rant for a while, so I guess I should. I’ll probably talk about a little Beatrix Potter story when I finish my rant, just because she’s wonderful. But today, I’ll rant. Most […]

. . . and only because of the comments! Certainly, on the surface this is a story of sibling rivalry, of a child feeling that her (step) mother loves her siblings more than her, and of sibling rivalry set right. Bettelheim, in The Uses of Enchantment, says it is a story “. . . of […]

I don’t know who said (approximately) that if you understand a flower, you understand the universe–it could have been Antoine de St. Exupery in The Little Prince, or Lao Tsu, or Giordano Bruno. But understanding Cinderella must also mean understanding an awful lot about yourself, or human psychology, sociology and cultural anthropology. Yesterday I asked […]

in the Brothers Grimm tale Cinderella’s helpers are two birds in a tree which grew from Cinderella’s mother’s grave (& interestingly partially preserved in the Disney version)

Claire Gordon et al at asked why step-mothers are always evil, and in the course of the discussion, Rachael Larimore mentioned the dearth of two parent families in Disney movies. The second comment really is less complex than the first, but both are fascinating. My two cents: As a writer, any story interesting to […]