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I’ve posted on this before, but the issue recently came up again in my practice so I’ll get back on my soap box. Why should I read to my toddler? Everyone says I should . . . but why? An IPad can read a book to a child and the child can even control it—isn’t […]

“No more twist.” Twist, by the way, can be either decorative braid or a braided thread used for extra strength for buttons, and I’m not certain which was the intended usage in this story. It does seem as though the decorative would be the more likely–“all that was wanting was one skein of cherry-colored twisted […]

Beatrix Potter, the amazing writer, illustrator, naturalist, mycologist . . . wrote and illustrated 23 children’s tales and I think they saved her life. For those new to Beatrix Potter, and I’m not sure anyone is, she was the creator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and of such characters as Jemima Puddle-Duck, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle […]

We first met Max in Where the Wild Things Are. Maurice Sendak’s picture book, In The Night Kitchen shows us a different Max . . . a little older, and dealing with different issues now . . . but Sendak still has a way of putting his finger right on the pulse of the young […]

It’s always a pleasure to look at a good picture book. I’ve talked before about the experience of being “held” by a book and how it really is part and parcel of the experience of reading–a part that comes (at least in part) from actually being held while your mother read to you lo those […]