Lois Lowry visit


Wonderful author visit at the Blue Manatee Monday. I don’t have the pictures yet, but when I get them I will post them. Lois Lowry’s blog has a picture of the Blue Manatee’s (de)cafe.

Lois Lowry spoke mostly about her childhood and where the ideas for her stories come from and illustrated the talk mostly with pictures from her own life. Lois missed second grade because her older sister would always come home and teach her what she’d had in school that day, so Lois started school ahead and was promoted . . . and of course the Gooney Bird Greene series takes place month by month in second grade. And Lois spoke about how Gooney Bird was everything she wasn’t at that age: confident, outgoing . . .

from Lowry Updates

My favorite anecdote of the night, though, was about her granddaughter’s birthday party in Germany. Lois sent a faux-ermine cape, crown and scepter. In the video of the birthday girl opening her gifts, she took out the cape and put it on and the other kids at the party began to watch. She put on the crown and they quieted respectfully. She picked up the scepter and they were almost ready to bow. Yes, this was the germ of the idea for The Birthday Ball, but it was also a story about story, about the power of imagination to transform.

I haven’t read any of the Gooney Bird Greene books so I did buy one & got it autographed. And I bought Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst.

I have put The Messenger and Gathering Blue on the BSBSD (bedside bookstack of doom for the uninitiated) since Sarah asked me to talk about the way The Giver ends, and I thought I should check out the sequels.

Tomorrow maybe a Neil Gaiman picture book?


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