Moonstone, The Good Thief and . . . amputation?!?


I stayed up two hours past my bedtime to read Moonstone, by Marilee Brothers. It’s a supernatural YA romance with an appealing fifteen year old protagonist, Allie, who falls from an aluminum ladder face first into a cowflop, zapped on the way down by an electric fence and thus discovers her super powers.

Allie lives in a trailer with her depressed, out of work mom. Child protective services is breathing down their necks. She’s in the out crowd at school . . . that’s real life. Magic only makes things more complicated. She’s given a special stone that somehow enhances her powers, but the bad guys want it. The book is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Allie’s voice is engaging. In general, it’s a page turner, but it is a bit formulaic.

What struck me was a scene that had a parallel with one in The Good Thief, by Hannah Tinti (which is the better, if far more morally ambiguous, book).

In Moonstone’s climactic scene Allie comes to save her mother, who’s been kidnapped by the bad guys in order to force Allie to tell the location of the Maguffin (OK, the Moonstone–Maguffin is what Hitchcock called the object everyone was after). The bad guys tie Allie up, superglue mom’s hand to a table, take an axe and threaten to cut off mom’s fingers, one by one, unless Allie gives the location of the stone.

The Good Thief, in its climactic scene, has Ren captured by his uncle and his one good hand held down on the table while his uncle threatens to cut it off unless he reveals the identity of his father. To further the intensity of the threat, the uncle shows Ren an object encased in glass: the hand he’d cut from Ren when Ren’s now deceased mother refused to name Ren’s father.

Certainly the threat of mutilation is right there in the story, but I wonder if there isn’t more to it, since it comes up again and again. I’ll look further in my next post. I think that won’t be until Saturday, since I’ll be traveling.


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