More on Thirsty: Monsters 4


Chris has no more hope of stopping the transition to vampire than any of us have of stopping adolescence until Chet the Celestial being offers to do this if he will but put the Arm of Monatar into the hiding place of the vampire god Tch’muchgar before the Sad Festival of Vampires. Chris successfully does this.

Lolli, a female vampire not much older than Chris offers to become his mentor. At the Sad Festival Lolli and a friend take Chris to a high school party where Chris can make his first kill, but Chris rejects her and runs. He finds Rachel, but as he approaches her his fangs slide forward, so he runs from her, humiliated. He goes back to the party to find Lolli has killed a student, but was hit by a car and her back is broken. She’s taken away to be killed.

Tch’muchgar (and yes you can read that sexually) is destroyed by the Arm of Moriatar. Chet the Celestial Being was really just helping the vampire god commit suicide, and cannot help Chris at all. Chris is doomed. Mortals will hunt him as a vampire and vampires will hunt him for revenge.

His parents come home, and he is so thirsty.

By the ancient Greek definition this is a comedy; Chris is destroyed by forces beyond his control rather than by some flaw in his own character. Chris will die. The unresolved question at the end of the book is whether he will retain his humanity.

Like Tch’muchgar, Chris is caught between two worlds, two realities, and annihilated. What are those worlds?, the worlds of the mortal and the vampire? They seem to be, at least on one level of reading, the world of the child and innocence on the one hand, and the world of the sexually aware adult on the other. Chris is destroyed because he can no longer be a child and cannot accept adulthood and all it implies on the other.

Like any wonderful metaphor, there are other levels to it, but I’ll leave those for now.

I do want to continue to look at monsters, though, so maybe next time I’ll look at Where the Wild Things Are–book and movie.


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