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I haven’t forgotten Where the Wild Things Are, but I just wanted to tell what happened to me yesterday, and give an update on School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books. First, a story. Friday night the Association for Psychoanalytic Thought sponsored a talk on Cosmetic Surgery and the Star Culture at the Institute–part of […]

Chris has no more hope of stopping the transition to vampire than any of us have of stopping adolescence until Chet the Celestial being offers to do this if he will but put the Arm of Monatar into the hiding place of the vampire god Tch’muchgar before the Sad Festival of Vampires. Chris successfully does […]

Back to M. T. Anderson‘s Thirsty. I’ve talked about how deftly the reader is led into a world where vampires are real, where vampires are killed publicly on recognition because if you are a vampire and you are alive, you are a murderer. And we see that world through the eyes of the protagonist. {SPOILER […]



We’ll get back to vampires, in particular to M. T. Anderson’s Thirsty, after a quick break to look at School Library Journal’s battle of the books and how it’s progressing, because there is synergy in the universe. In Match 1 of Round 2 Judge M. T. Anderson picked Charles and Emma over The Evolution of […]

OK, I can’t resist talking more about Dracula the book and the monster–it’s too rich a metaphor to pass up. I promise to go back to Thirsty and to try to bring in some monsters in search of a more general pattern, but not this post: this post belongs to the night. I will again […]

I was reading Selena Chambers March post, Stay Tombed: Is Monster Lit Worth Unearthing? on bookslut today, and it was a lot of fun. It did convince me that I want to read A. E. Moorat’s Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter, which would be something of a new genre for me. So what do monsters represent in […]

What Jamie Saw, like Speak, is a book about the aftermath of trauma, a book about healing.

Short post today. Some people follow college basketball, I follow kidlit. If you’re not following The School Library Journal Battle of the Books, you should. Tomorrow Anita Silvey decides whether The Storm in the Barn or The Sweethearts of Rhythm advance to the next level. In the interests of full disclosure I should say that […]

I don’t know, maybe it’s our culture–moms raise children and dads go out and farm or go to war or to the shop–but so many of the kid books I’ve read lately have had young men and women protagonists who’ve not had (present) fathers or father-like people in their lives, and feel a desperate need […]

Hunger Games


I finally read Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, and it’s about time. This was a good book. Others have noticed its similarity to The Lightning Thief and that really interests me. Certainly they both are geared to the late preteens out there with a lot of action and a strong first person protagonist. They are […]